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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
21 Jun 2018

Three Ways to Work Out When You Don’t Feel Like It

Imagine how great it would be if every day we woke up ready to workout and full of energy for the day! How incredible and unrealistic that would be. Let’s be honest, even the most fit people we know sometimes have days where they just don’t want to work out or go to the gym. Here are some ways to stick to a fitness lifestyle, even on days that you don’t feel like it.

Switch things up! If your typical workout involves a pretty standard routine of weights and cardio try a new group fitness class or take your workout outside if the weather allows! The Athletic Club has 76 group fitness classes offered every week. Diversify your workouts by trying one of our explosive kickboxing classes or flow through a yoga routine that will challenge your muscles in new ways. If you need a new style of cardio give one of our many cycling classes a try and let the instructor lead you through a fun and fast paced workout that will make the time fly by!

Treat yourself! If you’re really dreading the day’s workout find a way to reward yourself for going when you didn’t feel like it! Make sure the reward is not going to derail all the great work you did at the gym though! Treat yourself to a healthy smoothie or try a healthy new restaurant! The Courtside Fresh Grill and Bar is located across from the front doors of the Athletic Club and has a variety of healthy smoothies and protein packed salads that will reward your body after a good work out! Not far from the gym is a Pita Pit which offers inexpensive and veggie packed pitas with your choice of proteins and sauces. Check our the Juice Stop or locally owned Simple Science Juices if you are interested in a quick way to get all the nutrients from various fruits and veggies.

Get ready and get pumped up! Put on your favorite music that you know will get you amped to destroy your work out. Pump that music as loud as you are able and start putting on your workout clothes. After the first few songs you’ll feel a little more energized and ready to rock and roll! In addition to the energy from the great music you’ve selected you will already be in your workout clothes and at that point you might as well go do a workout! Check out Youtube for free access to a variety of pump up  playlists from rock, movie soundtracks, and Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speeches.