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The Athletic Club is Kansas City’s home for competitive and recreational handball, with 15 handball courts and organized handball leagues. The Athletic Club hosts a number of exciting handball tournaments throughout the year as well.

Open play courts are available at all times during regular club hours. Courts may be reserved by calling or stopping by the front desk.

Kansas City is rich with history and active participation in performing arts, visual arts, politics, and, of course, food. Additionally, Kansas City’s got some pretty fantastic athletes and other athletic notables in sports like football, baseball, track and field, and basketball. However, it would be to many local’s surprise, lesser-known sports like handball, racquetball, and squash also have deep roots in the Heart of America.

Handball, also called “American Handball” and “Wall Ball”, is most regularly played indoors with 3-4 walls and outdoors with 1-3 walls. Although handball history is thought to date back as early as ancient times, the sport as we know it today was first documented in Europe during the 1400s. Irish immigrants are attributed for being the first to introduce the sport to America. During the 1800s and early 1900s, Handball swept the outer coasts with increasing popularity. In particular, San Francisco and New York City athletes took a unique liking to the sport. In the mid 1900s, handball gave rise to modern day racquetball and paddle ball, now some of America’s most popular competition and recreational sports.

For more than a century, Kansas City athletes have enjoyed playing both in recreation and in competition. The KCAC (Kansas City Athletic Club) of Kansas City, Kansas touts over 100 years of organized handball play. Today, the KCAC hosts some of America’s largest and most popular tournaments including the annual Handballesta tournament held every December.

With more than 100 years in the game, it’s no wonder that Kansas City produces some of the most awarded and recognized handball players.

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