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Personal Training

Take your workout to the


Personal training is the most effective way to reach your goals! Contact us to schedule an initial fitness assessment and a health-history evaluation. To ensure you achieve exceptional results, all personal trainers are nationally certified and excel at designing fitness solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

One-on-One training is designed for one client with a trainer. You’ll get individual attention, motivation and inspiration. Personal trainers take the time to create specific, personalized programs to challenge you. These varying, progressive sessions eliminate plateaus. Results are soon to follow with this personal training style.

Partner training is a modified personal training style that is designed for two clients and one trainer. Personal trainers give partner training a “thumbs-up” for staying power. When two clients make a goal to change their lifestyle together, the odds of reaching that goal increase dramatically. Buddy system approaches can remove any anxiety of first-time training and ensure a lifelong, joint commitment to health and fitness.

Semi-Private personal training is designed for a small group of 4-6 people and one trainer. Small group settings offer a variety of benefits: team-oriented motivation, social interaction, healthy competition, and increased well-being. You will enjoy reaching goals together.



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