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Group Fitness Class Descriptions


CARDIO SCULPT – This total body work out combines strength training exercises and heart pouding cardio moves that will sculpt you from head to toe. This workout is catered to all levels, whether it’s your first day at the gym or an avid pro.

DANCEFIT – An addictive fusion of moderate to high intensity, easy to follow cardio dance moves, DanceFit puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat! We jam to the Top 40, Latin, oldies, hip hop-anything and everything that keeps you grooving. All levels welcome, no dance experience necessary. Come and join the party!

HIIT (HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) – combines short bursts of intense activity with an active recovery. We combing cardio, and strength exercises to completely challenge your body, burn calories, and improve your overall fitness. HIIT is a great way to take your fitness to the next level.

INSANITY – Master athletic training drills, cardio conditioning, and strength moves to reach your personal best at any level of ability through max interval training. We will spike your heart rate quickly to build endurance and stamina.

STEP – Combinations of athletic- and/or dance-based aerobic moves utilizing a height adjustable step platform to vary levels of intensity.

ZUMBA – An aerobic dance program featuring a variety of rhythms from Latin America. You’ll get a taste of everything: meringue, salsa, flamenco, samba, tango, reggae, cumbia, calypso, cha-cha, belly dancing, break dancing, and more!


ARMS AND ABS EXPRESS – It is what it is! Arm work and abdominal work.

CORE FUSION EXPRESS – Get the rock hard abs you’ve always wanted! Exercises focusing on upper, mid, and lower abdominals as well as the oblique’s and lower back to create balance from the inside out through the use of intervals. Your heart rate might spike to give you an additional cardiovascular kick! Core training helps to stabilize your spine, eliminate lower back pain, and strengthen your mid-section to achieve 6-pack abs!

BUTTS & GUTS EXPRESS – The name says it all!

MUSCLE WORKS EXPRESS – Total body conditioning, strength training, and toning using a variety of tools.

SUNRISE BOOTCAMP EXPRESS – Looking for that early morning jump-start? Sunrise BC has everything you need. Crush all your goals through the use of cardio conditioning and strength training. Keep your body guessing in this heart-pounding, total body sculpting 30 minute workout! All levels are welcome

RIPPED ABS – Abdominal and back work with a personal trainer in a group exercise setting.

HEAVY WEIGHT EXPRESS – This full body, boxing inspired workout incorporates strength training exercises with plyometric movements to increase strength and improve metabolic conditioning. Free weights, body weight and other exercise will be utilized in reaching your fitness goals. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.


KICKBOXING 101 EXPRESS – A martial arts full body workout to increase muscular strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Great introductory class with emphasis on learning proper technique for striking, footwork, and combinations. No martial arts experience necessary.

FASTFIT BOX EXPRESS – Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut your way to better health in a 30 minute high intensity, high volume class utilizing techniques from the sweet science!

KICKBOXING EXTREME – A martial arts full body workout to increase muscular strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and balance. A high intensity class taught at an accelerated pace using advanced striking techniques and combinations. Prior kickboxing experience recommended.


AQUA BOX – This class adds boxing moves such as kicks, punches, and jabs in the water to create a fat burning, muscle sculpting interval workout. This workout is great for the beginner or the seasoned fitness enthusiast!

AQUA CIRCUIT – This workout’s focus is on circuit training using the entire pool. From the shallow to the deep end, your body will thank you for this aqua experience.

H20 DEEPFIT EXPRESS – A GREAT non-impact aerobics class using water equipment such as noodles and belts to help keep you afloat in the deep end. Kick and splash your way into fitness with this cardio packed class. 30 & 60 min. options available.

H20 SHALLOWFIT – This class incorporates all levels of fitness while utilizing both cardiovascular and resistance training. Get a great full body workout without all the impact in the shallow end of the pool.


CARDIO ENDURANCE – Stand, jump, climb, and sprint your way to a maximum calorie burn! Improve your health with this fun, upbeat class. Set your own intensity. Beginner and advanced participants welcomed.

CYCLE EXPRESS – All your favorite components of cycling jam packed into a 30 minute ride.

CYCLE STRENGTH – Join us for this fun and challenging interval ride that incorporates on and/or off the bike toning segments that target your core, arms, and legs muscles.


MIX LEVEL FLOW – A Vinyasa flow class that combines breath, movement, and alignment to create a strong foundation for yoga students of all levels. Practice a combination of challenging poses, while creating strength and balance. Leave feeling peaceful and energized!

PILATES/BARRE – A fusion of ballet inspired barre exercises and traditional mat Pilates. This class is designed to strengthen and tone your body with low impact, but highly effective and controlled muscle movements focusing on your core.

RESTORATIVE YOGA – Indulge in the ultimate healing experience! Restorative Yoga aids in deep physical and mental relaxation. Feel completely restored and ready to resume your strenuous physical regime. Avoid injuries by slowing down and allowing the body to rest. The class features soft music and supported postures to soothe and aid deep muscular release. This class is perfect for everyone.

SUNRISE YOGA – This class is a perfect way to awaken the body and create mental clarity! The class blends Yoga alignment principles with the flow of a Vinyasa class, building strength, awakening your mind, creating a sense of well-being and inner stillness. This practice is joyful, therapeutic, and inspiring. This class is open to all levels.

YOGA BASICS – New to yoga or feeling too intimidated to try? This class is perfect for the beginner. You will learn how to breathe and focus your breath to de-stress, strengthen, and lengthen your body. The easy to follow basic poses give you a great foundation. Feel free to keep it simple, or advance to other levels.

YOGA CORE- This is a core based class that incorporates yoga poses that engage and work deep into the core muscles while using the concept of breath and breathing as the root of inner strength. Great for improving strength, balance and flexibility.

YOGA FOR ATHLETES- Focuses on alignment, mental focus, and breath awareness for the athlete in all of us. Improves stability, mobility, and balance. Helps prevent injury and leaves your body feeling refreshed.