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Racquetball Lessons & Clinics


Lessons and clinics are available for all ages and skill level. Several nationally recognized players are available to teach one-on-one, small group, or large group racquetball lessons. Periodically, The Athletic Club offers racquetball clinics.

Why take Racquetball Lessons?

Racquetball is a lifetime sport, meaning no matter what fitness level you may be at, racquetball can still be played! As long as you can walk and hold a racquet, you’ll be able to enjoy the game of racquetball. What point are you at in your life? A young adult looking to try a new, social sport? A parent looking to branch out or rekindle the fun you had playing racquetball when you were younger? A mature adult looking to hone your skills? The Athletic Club encourages you to try the finest racquetball lessons, offered right here in Overland Park.

There are many reasons to take a lesson in sports. You may be a youngster (or a parent of a youngster) learning about a wide variety of sports. You may be a young adult wanting to try a sport you never had access to during school. You may be someone who has played the sport before, but needs a refresher. Or, you may be a seasoned player, but want to get even better and hone in on your skill set. Whatever your reason, The Athletic Club is here to support your needs!

Our racquetball coaches are ranked highly in the sport, nationally! They’re ready to teach youngsters, beginners, and even seasoned semi-pros! We are now offering beginner’s racquetball leagues and women’s-only racquetball leagues. It’s safe to say that The Athletic Club of Overland Park is the finest facility for Kansas City racquetball lessons. Still doubting we can offer you what you want? Come check us out for yourself, or call us! We are happy to tailor lessons to your needs.

Call us to find out more about the best Racquetball Lessons! Game on!

Racquetball Coach Larry Winn

Certified from 1997 through 2016 as an Advanced Instructor with the American Professional Racquetball Organization, USRA’s official program for certifying racquetball instructors. Larry began playing competitive racquetball at Michigan State University, continued to play in Air Force tournaments until 1977, and then took up play at local fitness centers. Larry has been organizing racquetball events and racquetball leagues for all skill levels at The Athletic Club since 2004.