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Badminton Lessons & Clinics


The Athletic Club offers badminton lessons & clinics through Daryl Tan and Teri Chu.

Daryl Tan: Badminton coach
[email protected]

Teri Chu: Badminton coach
[email protected]

Badminton Tips
  • Work on your body position- Do this so you have the right position for an overhead shot and a lunge, which are commonly done incorrectly.
  • Use more of the court- Move around more to keep your opponent on his/her toes.
  • Wear good shoes- Be sure to wear shoes that are specifically suited to court play.
  • Try a tournament- Playing in a competition can really challenge you as a player. If you can’t find a competition, try playing with someone new to challenge you.
  • Work on your balance- It’s important to be able to maintain good balance during the quick play of the game. Be sure to work on both sides of your body during workouts.