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11 May 2018

Breakfast Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Eat on the Go

We all have those mornings when you wake up and hit the ground running. Then you stop at the nearest convenience store and grab a donut. Doing this every once in a while ok, but then it tends to become a bad habit.

When done right, eating breakfast in the morning is a healthy habit and one of the best ways to boost your weight loss. Research has shown that eating breakfast can help you be successful at losing weight and keeping it off.

Prepare ahead of time and head out the door. Eat real food and enjoy more fiber and nutrition to keep you going!

Try one or a few of these foods to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Oatmeal is packed with fiber.  A study revealed that eating breakfast with slow release carbohydrates, like oatmeal, keeps you feeling fuller longer by slowing the digestive process and can rev up fat burn. Try oatmeal in a mason jar mixed with fruit and yogurt. Make ahead and put in a half pint mason jar. Ready to go and delicious.

Eggs are a morning staple and eating breakfast high in protein is linked to increased fullness. If we fall short on protein it decreases our muscle mass and metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables are great addition to your breakfast. Zucchini and spinach are good choices to add to omelettes.

Healthy fats are another way to stay full. Slow digestion and have a slow release of energy. Try adding nuts to your oatmeal and topping chia seeds on smoothies